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International Innovation Competition

SMART 4.0 is…

More than theories and tutorials.

A calling for students to take action and save the world.

An opportunity to learn while you do.

Interested? Keep reading….

Who it’s for

You must be enrolled in a full or part-time study program at a SATU university. Choose one of the two ways for you to apply for this competition:

  • Individual sign-up: If you do not have any specific experience, but are eager to contribute to building a sustainable community, simply sign up for the individual section and we will do the team matching for you.
  • Group sign-up: If you already have your own team, join the competition as a group.

What you need to do

Together with your team:

  • Pick a topic and create a business idea (for profit, non-profit — whatever your team decides)
  • Watch the course videos to understand more about creating a business plan, pitch deck, etc.
  • Create a business plan
  • Create a pitch deck
  • Present your team’s pitch in a 5 minute video

What you will gain

  • Take a first step to being an entrepreneur, whether as a side hustle or a start-up co-founder.
  • Sharpen your communication skills, problem-solving abilities, language skills, business sense, etc.
  • Make new friends/contacts of diverse backgrounds from different countries.
  • Have experienced professors advise your start up pitch deck.
  • It is a great chance to showcase your ideas to a wider audience.

This year, we will focus on climate change. Climate change is huge, so you and your teammates don’t need to limit yourselves into just solving one issue. Sometimes they just correlate, so as long as your pitch is related to combating climate change, go for it. However, if you need more specific directions, see the list down below, or click the button to find out more.


Want to join us? See the sign up pages below for the application form and other information.

  • Individual sign-up: Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll assign individual applicants to a team in the first week of August, then you and your team will work on your business plan and pitch.
  • Group sign-up: If you already have your own team, join the competition as a group.

If you have questions or just want feedback on your ideas, join us on Discord:


Work Submission Guidelines

Project Submission Requirements

  1. Have one person from your team submit your team’s business plan, pitch deck, YouTube URL for your pitch video and contribution form via the SMART 4.0 project submission form.
  2. All work has to be submitted in English.
  3. Create a business plan in PDF format. Make sure it’s less than 20 pages and be sure to cover relevant topics as discussed in the videos/readings (e.g. market, competitive landscape, etc.). See #resources in Discord for more.
    (1) Title: Calibri, 14 point font size; Content: Calibri, 12 point font size
    (2) Margins: Top 2 cm, Bottom 2 cm, Left 2.5 cm, Right 2.5 cm.
    (3) Line Spacing: 1.0
  4. Create a pitch deck in PDF format, which should cover topics relevant to your idea (20 slides/pages maximum, and it should be shorter: 10-14 slides is better). Again, check #resources in Discord for more.

    👉 Please go to “More Info for Individual/Group Sign Up” page, under Submission Guidelines to download pitch deck and business plan template.
  5. Record a 5 minute pitch video. Each member is required to introduce yourself by showing your face. See this year’s 500 Startups Demo Day for ideas on how you might do this.
  6. In pitch video, share your problem identification, unmet needs and background study in oral presentation.
  7. Animation/video is only allowed to present the solution of your project. You may also present your solution in oral form if you want.
  8. Upload your team’s video pitch to YouTube (making it unlisted, if you’d like). Or, if you’re especially pleased with your video, go ahead make it public to the world, share on social media with #SMART4.0, etc. Up to you!

About SMART 4.0

The SMART (SATU Mobility Action for Regional Talents) Program was initiated in 2017 to promote cross-border interaction among students in SATU member universities. This year’s SMART 4.0 International Innovation Competition is organized by the Innovation Headquarters and the Office of International Affairs of National Cheng Kung University. In addition to cross-cultural exposureinnovations and  entrepreneurialism are also emphases.

Organized By

SATU Presidents’ Forum

Office of International Affairs, National Cheng Kung University

Innovation Headquarters, National Cheng Kung University