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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Individual Sign-Up

Q1: How is my team formed?
Almost all the teams are made up of students from different universities, fields, and departments. We hope that you can learn cross-culture and cross-disciplinary collaboration through this competition.

Q2: How do I find my teammates?
You have all received an email at the near end of August, with an information list of who your group members will be. You can contact them by email or phone number, whichever seems best, and start your discussion.

Q3: What can I do if I can’t reach my teammates?
If you have too many people missing in your group and only a small portion of you remain active, you can contact us before Sep. 2nd. 

For Group Sign-Up

Q1: Do you do team matching for group sign ups?
No, we don’t do team matching for group sign ups, only for individual sign ups.

For Everyone

Q1: Is there a registration fee for SMART 4.0?
No. SMART 4.0 does not require registration fee from participants.

Q2: Can I sign up for both Individual and Team?
No, you can’t. You can only choose one of the two ways to join SMART 4.0.

Q3: Do we need to decide and submit our topic and our proposal during registration?
No, you don’t need to. You may see a question in our sign up form asking you whether you have any idea of what issues you want to solve, because we like to know your state.

Q4: About document verification.
During the registration period, we require you to provide us a copy of your student ID card, admission approval, or certificate of enrollment (choose 1 of the 3), so we can identify whether you are a SATU currently enrolled student. We require that the documents show a picture of you or your full name, when you graduate or when you are enrolled, and the critical data written in English. The document you provided will be used in this competition only and will not be disclosed without your consent, so please don’t worry.

Q5: Can we work on any of our idea or are we bound for the climate change related topics?
As long as your idea is related to climate change or sustainability, you are free to work on them. You would also need to explain how your problem is related to climate change. The five directions listed on the webpage are just for those who don’t know where to start. 

Q6: What can I do if my teammates are not active?
If your teammates appear to be inactive or slow to answer in discussions, please try your best to engage them to cooperate as you work on your proposal together. Interacting with all kinds of people is a crucial task when founding a startup.

Q7: Anything to take note of when writing my proposals?
You can go to SMART 4.0 Website “More Info for Individual/Group Sign Up” page and download the pitch deck and business plan template. You will find the direction for writing your proposal inside.

Q8: Is there any format that we should follow for the pitch deck and business plan? If not, is there any minimum criteria about what should be included in our pitch deck and business plan?
Yes, we give a basic structure of how your pitch deck and business plan should be like. You will find its template on the “More Info for Individual/Group Sign Up” page.

Q9: Does SMART 4.0 have an assessment matrix for us participants so we can take a look at how our work will be judged?
No, we do not have an assessment matrix, but we will provide the fundamental direction and the percentage of how each element should be included.

Q10: It’s only mentioned that the maximum duration of pitch video duration is 5 minutes. Is there any minimum duration requirement?
No, there are no minimum duration requirements.

Q11: We have seen some of the previous winners’ pitch deck videos and their style is so varied. Are there any guidelines that we should follow regarding that? Like, should each member appear and talk or could we use animation style?
(1) Record a 5 minute pitch video. Each member is required to introduce yourself by showing your face.
(2) In the pitch video, share your problem identification, unmet needs and background study in oral presentation.
(3) Animation/video is only allowed to present the solution part of your project.
(4) You can use a prototype or simulation to present your pitch, but it cannot exceed 50% of the total video length.

Q12: Is maximum 20 pages of business plan already included with the appendix and cover?
Yes, appendix and cover included.

Q13: How will the prize money be split?
It will be split evenly between each member.  

Q14: Why do we need to write the Contribution form?
The Contribution Form records the proportion of work done by every team member in the whole project. If someone in your team didn’t take part in any job, he/she may be disqualified for the prize money or the award.

Q15: I have been trying to open the SMART site for a long, long time but it’s not opening.
When encountering such a case, students can try opening the website at a place where internet connection is stronger, or use a different device to load, and maybe it would work, for it did work in some cases. If you still have problems opening the website, please contact Jia-Wei or Sasha for assistance. 

Q16: How many teams will be entering the Final Demo Pitch?
6 teams from Individual Sign Up and 6 teams from Group Sign Up, total 12 teams, will be entering the Final Demo Pitch.

Q17: Teams that enter the Final Demo Pitch want to modify their Pitch Deck and Business Plan for the event, is there still a chance for that?
Teams that revised their pitch deck and business plan need to send by email the final version of the pitch deck and business plan one week before the Final Demo Pitch.

Q18: What do the teams that enter the Final Demo Pitch need to do?
1.  At least 80% of the whole team have to participate.
2.  Team members need to provide some detail personal information, such as your Webex background picture, headshot photo, etc.
3. Teams that advance to finals must give an oral presentation and answer questions from judges.
4. Share your problem identification, unmet needs and background study in oral presentation.
5. Your team is allowed to use animation/video to present the solution of your project.
6. Detailed announcements will be sent to the Finalist teams via email.

Q19: Will the Award Ceremony be held physically or online?
The Award Ceremony will be held online as a part of the SATU General Assembly.

Q20: What do the winning teams need to do?
1. At least 80% of the whole team has to participate in the formal Ceremony.
2. Online rehearsal will be held at least once before the Ceremony. Each winning team is to select one member to attend the rehearsal.
3. During the formal Ceremony, the winning team needs to give an acceptance speech. Please select one representative to give the speech in the rehearsal and formal Ceremony.