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Gold Award: US$ 5,000 

Silver Award: US$ 3,000

Bronze Award: US$ 1,000

Participants Requirements

Work Submission Guidelines

Project Submission Requirements 

  1. All work has to be submitted in English.
  2. Create a business plan in PDF format. Make sure it’s less than 20 pages and be sure to cover relevant topics as discussed in the videos/readings (e.g. market, competitive landscape, etc.). See #resources in Discord for more.
    (1) Title: Calibri, 14 point font size; Content: Calibri, 12 point font size
    (2) Margins: Top 2 cm, Bottom 2 cm, Left 2.5 cm, Right 2.5 cm.
    (3) Line Spacing: 1.0
  3. Create a pitch deck in PDF format, which should cover topics relevant to your idea (20 slides/pages maximum, and it should be shorter: 10-14 slides is better). Again, check #resources in Discord for more.
  4. Record a 5 minute pitch video. Each member is required to introduce yourself by showing your face. See this year’s 500 Startups Demo Day for ideas on how you might do this.
  5. In pitch video, share your problem identification, unmet needs and background study in oral presentation.
  6. Animation/video is only allowed to present the solution of your project. You may also present your solution in oral form if you want.
  7. Upload your team’s video pitch to YouTube (making it unlisted, if you’d like). Or, if you’re especially pleased with your video, go ahead make it public to the world, share on social media with #SMART4.0, etc. Up to you!
  8. Have one person from your team submit your team’s business plan, pitch deck, YouTube URL for your pitch video and contribution form via the SMART 4.0 project submission form.


Share and express yourselves on Discord. You might possibly gain partnership with students who share similar values with you.

Supportive online clips/articles are also provided during the course of the competition. You are encouraged to digest its contents and practice them.

Judging Criteria

It is indeed challenging to create a business plan, pitch deck, and video pitch in 8 weeks. However, try your best to transform your idea into an operational business plan. Research and experiment whether your idea is able to become a real start up company.
Besides gaining a deep insight on the topic you choose, you also need to know what startup is about, not just in theory, but in real world practice.
Keep reading to see how you might turn your ideas into reality!


Judging Criteria

ItemDetailed DescriptionPercentage
How the pitch is related to SDGs 
The extent of relation to climate change 
Depth of knowing the topic 
The clarity and completeness of defining [problem/pain points/need] 
Development potential of the pitch 
Practicality of the pitch 
Team Members (leadership/execution/profession/cross disciplinary collaboration) 
Core technology 
Operation Model 
Market demand and analysis 
Competitor analysis 
Industrial chain analysis 
The completeness and logic of presentation content 
Video Pitch (Speech and video expression) 
Overall performance 
Contribution to Society Expected benefits (impact on climate change issue) 10

Note: 1. Teams missing any required documents will be eliminated in 1st round.
2. SMART 4.0 team will promote some teams to 2nd (final) round according to scores.


Teams that enter 2nd round will attend Final Demo Pitch, which will take place online on November 10th.


  • Teams that advance to finals must give an oral presentation and answer questions from judges.
  • Oral presentations may use any means, such as presentations, videos, poster board…, etc.
  • The presentation time for each group is 10 minutes, Q&A is 15 minutes.
  • If the teams have revised the business plan and pitch deck, they need to send by email the final version of business plan and pitch deck one week before the Final Demo Pitch day.

Judging Criteria

  • Evaluation will be made by a group of experts invited by the organizer.
  • Evaluation criteria includes: Topic Compatibility 20%, Innovation 20%, Development Potential 15%, Developing Maturity 10%, Market Feasibility 15%, Presentation Expressiveness 10%, and Contribution to Society 10%.

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You can also email us:  
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👉 Sasha: +886 6-2757575 #36000-222 | +886 6-2360524 #222
Please copy your email to both of our staff to ensure information transparency. Thank you!